Go Green get your tires filled with Nitrogen not Air...

What makes nitrogen so special?
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Well, its not. In fact, it is exactly what nitrogen isn't that makes it such a beneficial inflation product. Nitrogen is an inert gas, so by definition, it is "nothing" and that is exactly what you want in your tires: nothing, except proper pressure.

The air we breathe is about 79% nitrogen. The reason it is such a poor inflation gas is that it also contains about 20% oxygen. While oxygen is essential for human survival, it is harmful to just about everything that is not a living organism.

Oxygen is a component of water (H2O) and the catalyst of oxidation (rust, corrosion and rot). Without the presence of oxygen, there is no opportunity for rust or corrosion to occur, or condensation to form. More importantly, oxygen also has a very small molecular structure. So small in fact, that it is normal for air filled tires to lose 1-3 psi per month from permeation (the process through which the oxygen molecules in compressed air seep through the carcass of a tire).

Nitrogen, on the other hand, has a very large molecular structure and the use of nitrogen can virtually eliminate pressure loss from permeation. And, while air is bad for tires, compressed air is even worse. Running air through a compressor typically adds trace amounts of oil and particulate, as well as water vapor... none of which are good for a tire. So, simply put, nitrogen is air that has been cleaned and stripped of all particulate, oil, water and oxygen, leaving an inflation medium that is pure...and stays put.

Nitrogen Inflation And Auto Club Program

Why you need to GO GREEN

  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Longer Tire Life
  • Improved Safety
  • A Smaller Carbon Footprint
  • and more

Nitrogen Inflation and Auto Club Program - Amazing Benefits:

Inflating and maintaining your tires with nitrogen can provide amazing benefits. Tires inflated with high purity nitrogen can last up to 50% longer than those inflated with regular air. Vehicles riding on nitrogen inflated tires can enjoy fuel economy increases of up to 10% and a reduction in the likelihood of a tire failure of up to 75%...all while reducing your carbon footprint.

Nothing you can do or buy for your vehicle will have as profound an impact on your pocketbook or our environment for such a reasonable cost.

Your nitrogen conversion may also entitle you to a membership in the Go Green Auto Club. This free membership is an expression of our confidence we have in our tire inflation program and a gift from your Go Green dealer for doing your part to keep your vehicle properly maintained, conserve fuel and help restore our embattled planet.

Your Go Green Auto Club membership ($39.95) includes FREE nitrogen top-offs, inflation service reminders and may also include:

  • 1 Free tire Repair and Replacement & Road hazard Protection
  • 2 Free 24 Hour Emergency Towing
  • 3 Free 24 Hour Emergency Lockout Service
  • 4 Free 24 Hour Road Service
  • 5 Free 24 Hour Emergency Battery Service
  • 6 Free 24 Hour Emergency Fluid Delivery
  • 7 Trip Interruption Coverage
  • 8 Trip Routing Service
  • 9 Theft and Hit & Run Protection
  • 10 Free Travel Benefits and much more
  • 11 You get an email reminder from Go Green to check your tire pressure

*Based upon a recent Clemson University study. See www.GOGREENAUTOCLUB.COM for complete report. Complete details are provided upon customer registration, as benefits may vary.

** $39.95 for one year is all it cost to be a member.


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